An Introduction To The Yalla Journey

This is our first legitimate blog for our newly launched Software as a Service (SAAS) app called Yalla. We’d like to take you on our journey. Not because we think our journey is anything special, but because we think our journey is similar to your journey…and we want to be friends. We want to collaborate with you and learn from you and hopefully all of us can succeed together.

In our industry (the tech world), all we seem to hear about are the success stories. It seems like everything is great for everyone else. “Unicorns” seem aplenty and start-ups raise money like 7th graders trying to bum a pizza lunch at the school yard. Companies are given insane valuations. 20 year olds are buying multi-million dollar houses in the bay area and hiring all their friends. Work doesn’t appear to be work for them…but us…we’re busting our tails around here. How can we compete with all that? We don’t have any of that. We’re truly an underdog…and maybe you are too.

We’re just a few tight knit guys in Southern California trying to make ends meet, provide for our families, and improve the lives of others by the creation of our Yalla app. I’ve gotta believe that most of the people that read this will be just like us. Just normal but creative people trying to use their talents and experience to put food on the table, run a business, grow a business, get some actual sleep at night, put some away in savings…and do all of this despite what might appear to be overwhelming odds. We have this notion, this dream, this desire in life to do what we love despite the financial rewards. For us, it’s less about the money and more about keeping our team together for the long term.

Yalla is not our life. Don’t get us wrong, we love Yalla. We use it ourselves everyday. It makes us better and more organized. It helps us get on the same page. It’s been the source of so much fun for us internally as we do our jobs…but it’s not the most important thing to us. Our happiness, our families, our quality of life is what’s important to us. We don’t have to be a billion dollar company to be happy. Our goal isn’t to be the biggest company in our space. It’s to serve a small niche of people out there that also find joy in using Yalla and then serve them well. We’re not into quantity…we’re into quality.

Will we make it?

We don’t know…but we hope so.

But regardless of whether we make it or not, we’re going to document our journey and open up to you in ways that will hopefully help your business and life. Hopefully our successes and failures will be your gain while we’re on our own quest as a no name SAAS to pick up the scraps from the big boys at the table in a gigantic industry.