Donkeys, Demos and the Silent Phone Call

Greg and I gave a Yalla demo to some potential clients over the phone recently. They were looking for a new customer relationship management system and had narrowed it down to Yalla and a competitor.

I started by walking the women through Yalla’s funnel feature, because they said a simple, automated workflow was very important to them. For those who haven’t tried it, Yalla lets you set up funnels with varying stages. As you move a project through each stage, you can trigger an email to your team or your client letting them know how things are moving along.

They had a few questions but kept saying things like, “Oh, that’s cool,” and “Wow, that’s really simple.” So far, so good. I moved over to Yalla’s central chat application. The demo account we use has a few messages from team members and some animated GIFs to show off what you can send to clients or colleagues.

Suddenly, all their questions stopped. Their phone line went silent for about 10 seconds. Greg thought they hung up on us.

I tapped the mute button on my receiver – maybe we had muted them somehow? And it was going so well!

“Uh, are you still there?” I asked.

Then they came back. Laughing.

Howling, really. They could barely get words out.

“Sorry, sorry, we’re just – that is so funny!” One of them managed.

Turns out they really liked our GIF of Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey.