How to Write a Company Blog Post in Three Minutes

I’m writing this post because I have to.

No, my boss isn’t making me. No, I don’t have a burning desire to commit my thoughts to the electronic page.

Actually, if I stop writing this whole post will self-destruct.


I just found The Most Dangerous Writing App and wanted to share it, because it may be the best writing tool on the planet.

It’s real simple. Set a timer (I chose three minutes) and start writing. If you go five seconds without typing, the app erases everything you’ve done. Oh, and you can’t rescue anything with copy and paste. I tried.

Writing is one of the most important tools in growing your startup or small business. A good newsletter or blog keeps customers loyal and often brings in new ones. It’s one of the best ways to showcase your company, product and values.

It’s also pretty fun. Especially when you can’t stop.

A lot of people think there’s some gift to writing, but it’s like any other skill. The only way to improve is to keep doing it. So don’t doubt yourself. Fire up the dangerous writing app and talk about whatever jumps to mind.

Well, my three minutes are just about up. I need to lie down after all that excitement.