Create Recurring Priorities

Recurring priorities are a great way to cut down on busywork and scheduling time. If you’ve got something you do regularly, like a conference call or monthly maintenance, Yalla lets you create that priority once and automatically send it to your board as often as necessary.

Yalla schedules recurring priorities through the calendar. Head to the calendar, then click on the “Priorities” box next to the month. Select “Scheduling” to access the Scheduling calendar. Click on the day you’d like your recurring priority to start.

Recurring priorities are just like normal ones with a few more options. Start by setting your priority’s title, description, and due date and choosing who to assign it to. The “Placement” field is where you set how far in advance of the due date you want the recurring priority to show up on your board.

Take a morning meeting, for example. I’d probably choose “Same Day” placement, because I don’t need advance notice of that meeting - it happens every day. But if I have a report due every month, I might want to set my placement a few days before it’s due, to give myself time to work on it.

Frequency is where you choose how often Yalla will create the priority. Choose “Once” if you’re just setting up a one-time reminder in advance. Otherwise, pick the option that works for you. If you choose “days,” you can fill in every 1 day, 2 day, etc. - and whether to include weekends in that count. “Weeks” will let you set a priority every week, every other week, and so on.

Finally, you’ll want to set the “Until” field to tell Yalla how long the recurring priority should run.

Recurring priorities are great because you only have to set them once - Yalla takes care of everything after that.