Create A Priority

Creating a priority is central to the Yalla platform. A priority can be looked at as a project, a task, or a to-do. We just call it a priority. You can create a priority for yourself by clicking on the “New Priority” flag at the middle left of your main screen.

When you click “New Priority,” the quick add feature will be activated. That means you’ll be able to add as many priorities as you’d like just by typing the priority and then hitting enter.

When you’re done adding priorities, just click anywhere on the screen to deactivate quick add.

Once you’re done creating your priorities, it’s time to organize them properly. You can do that just by dragging and dropping them into the order in which you’d like to work on them.

This gives you the ability to visually organize your work day based on what is most important to the team and the organization.

For more details about what can go on inside a priority, click on the Understanding a Priority tutorial.