Call Tracking Metrics lets you log, record and monitor every call that comes into you or your client’s business. It’s great for measuring advertising and marketing campaigns, because you can see which channels (social, pay-per-click, etc.) bring in the most calls. Clients can also score leads through the CTM system and monitor how well their support team handles customer.

To install call tracking for a client in Yalla, navigate to the client’s page and click on the client’s profile picture. Click the “Integrations” tab, and click the “Install” button in the Call Tracking Metrics section.

Getting Your Keys

Yalla needs an Account ID, Access Key and Secret Key to communicate with CTM. Log into the CTM system and select the correct client. Click “Settings” on the top right and look below your name to find the client’s account ID. Then click “Account Settings” and scroll down to the API Integration section to collect the Access Key and Secret Key. (You’ll have to click “show secret key” to access it.)

Input those three keys into Yalla and click “Update.” Then close the settings window and click “Calls” at the top of the board.

You’ve now got access to your complete call log straight from Yalla! You can score leads (which will sync back to CTM), listen to calls and pull contact information in Yalla just like you would in CTM. Simply click the “i” button on the right side of every call entry to get more information about the call. Click the speaker button to listen.