Teamwork is great, but it's 3 different programs

Yalla’s ultimate aim is to make your clients happy. If your team is productive and your clients are happy, you’ll keep getting paid to do great work. Organization is important, but if your clients don’t feel like you’re always there for them, you’ve got a problem.

We built Yalla because we felt many team management programs on the market just don’t do enough for clients. Teamwork is amazing for tracking your internal goals and milestones - but what if you could do all that AND keep your customers happy and informed with one application?

That’s Yalla’s strong point. It’s built to put you and your customers on the same page, so nothing ever falls through the cracks. We’ve found our clients love the transparency, and we think yours will too.

Yalla’s Awareness feature keeps you accountable

Customer service is the most important part of our business. We pick up the phone on the first ring and answer every email within 10 minutes. Keeping track of all of our clients’ questions was a nightmare before we created Yalla Awareness.

Awareness reminds your team every time a client’s question or comment has gone unanswered. It becomes impossible to let anything pass you by. You’ll always know who’s awaiting a response, so you can beef up your customer service and make your clients even happier.

Our chat makes communication a breeze

We like Teamwork’s chat system (in beta at the time of writing this), but it’s a little unwieldy. Chat lives in a separate Teamwork application, and group discussions require a fair amount of work to configure.

Yalla, on the other hand, has robust chat functionality baked into its core. There’s a general chat for your team and a “all activity” channel that records all the priorities everyone creates and completes. Every client in your system also has a personalized chat channel you can use to communicate with them at any time. Oh - we’ve also included custom sounds and GIPHY integration, because we know how dry team chat can be without them. :)

See the big picture with Funnels

Our sister company, the digital marketing agency Lemonade Stand, works with a lot of clients. We’ve got an extensive onboarding process, and it wasn’t always easy to track where everyone was in that pipeline. So we added funnel functionality to Yalla.

Funnels give you a visual representation of where every project is going. We use them to track new sales leads, web design clients and our customer onboarding. Create the number of stages appropriate for your business, then start adding items. Simply drag an item from one stage to the next when it’s ready.

It’s nice to get a bird’s-eye view of the company pipeline, but Yalla’s stage notifications are our favorite part. You can set a notification for each stage, which will send an email to whoever you choose notifying them when a project enters that stage. Let clients know when you’re waiting on their input. Let your manager know when she needs to sign off on something. It’s all automated, so you can spend more time working and less time fiddling with your collaboration software.

Yalla melds simplicity with power. It’s perfect for high-volume organizations with lots of clients and projects. But it’s also great for one-man operations and groups of hobbyists. It’ll make your workflow simpler so you can get more done.

Give Yalla a shot today. Our month-long premium trial comes with no commitments. You can roll over into a free account at any time. So jump in and let us know what you think.

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